Pate Rehab locations serve patients throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and other states. We specialize in treating patients with brain injuries and stroke. We offer specialized programs for outpatients and inpatients, including residential locations for people who will live with us during their rehabilitation.


Villa Creek

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Dallas, Texas

Pate location ranch gates in Anna, Texas

Brinlee Creek Ranch

必威亚洲体育品牌 Center & Residences
Anna, Texas

Pate location in Fort Worth Texas

Savanna Oaks Ranch

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Fort Worth, Texas


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betway vip betway vip Residence
Irving, Texas

Pate location for inpatients back stone patio of ranch

Savanna Oaks Ranch
Fort Worth, Texas

If you have questions about any of our programs or Pate Rehab locations, please contact us.

Phone: 972.241.9334 or 1.800.992.1149
Fax: 972.484.4739

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