Psychological Counseling

man considering psychological counseling
The psychological impact of brain injuries can be immense

The impact of an acquired brain injury (ABI) reverberates throughout a person’s life. It affects people physically, cognitively, socially, behaviorally and emotionally.

Pate was founded by a psychologist and since its inception, over 30 years ago, Pate has held firm to treating the whole person. A key component to recovery is social and emotional healing and well-being.

After an acquired brain injury, it is common for the injured person and their families to feel grief, loss, anxiety and even depression. It is a major and abrupt change in a person’s life, and learning to adjust to that change can be quite challenging.

Individuals with an acquired brain injury may experience a decreased ability to talk and understand, walk, use their hands, and even see and perceive the world around them. Often the person cannot work, and is facing financial stress.

They may not have the ability to drive a car and feel a tremendous loss of independence. Their ability to remember and control their behavior may be impaired, or their physical injury may be severe to the point that they require help to bathe, dress, groom and use the bathroom. The loss of function can feel devastating.

At Pate we believe in instilling hope and confidence in the people we serve. We know rehab works and our patients are in the best place to achieve the highest level of recovery. We also aspire to help those within our patients’ support systems (family and close friends).

We employ licensed mental health professionals (counselors and psychologists) who are integrated into the treatment team to ensure that each person’s program is developed with a focus on their particular emotional and adjustment needs.

We offer a number of supportive counseling services to our patients and their families, including:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Process and Support Groups
  • Biofeedback (Relaxation Training and Visualization Groups)
  • Psycho-Education Sessions
  • Substance Abuse Education

Pate counseling is there for people whatever their circumstances and to provide support during a very challenging time in their lives.