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Forth Worth and the surrounding areas offer a wealth of opportunities for community involvement at our Savanna Oaks Ranch location. Pate’s therapists are always excited to help our patients re-establish their confidence and integrate hard earned therapeutic gains in real world environments. The extensive options for local shopping, parks, restaurants, and other attractions allows our teams to plan outings and activities that meet the needs and interests of our patients. Whether it is our Physical Therapists improving mobility on different terrains at a park, Speech Therapy practicing communication skills at a coffee house, or our Occupational Therapists utilizing a grocery store outing to help patients with their visual scanning and planning skills; there is always something in the works.

Therapies and 必威亚洲体育品牌


People who live with us during treatment stay at our Savanna Oaks ranch residence  in Fort Worth.

Pate Savanna Oaks 必威亚洲体育品牌 Center

Address: 250 Ben’s Trail, Fort Worth, Texas 76120
Phone: 817-514-1544
Fax: 817-514-7449

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